A look back at 2019

2019 was full of excitement and change. The first quarter included chilly weather that Stitch was not too happy about. A trip to Phoenix, AZ for my son Matthew and new daughter-in-law Hailey’s wedding reception, they are so perfect for each other. Finally I got to go to the Inaugural Indy Race at the Circuit of Americas race track in Austin, TX where I got to meet Mr. Roger Penske along with all 3 of the drivers for Team Penske.

Quarter 2 brought about major change. It was determined that my mom needed to have someone live with her full time. For companionship, to make sure she remembers to eat, and help her around the house. So I moved back home to AZ. Leaving behind some very dear friends (family). Here are just a few.

Quarters 3 and 4 have been full of catching up with family and friends that I have missed while not living in Phoenix. It also included getting visits from a couple of those that I had to leave behind. The holidays were packed with family time and well being sick.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at my 2019 and yours was as blessed as mine was.


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