Hobby- Scrapbooking

I scrapbook because my memory will never be good enough to remember these little details. Photography is my passion. Scrapbooking is a way for me to preserve my memories of what the pictures represent. I know that so many people are going digital with everything including scrapbooks. But for me I still want the paper, pictures, lumps and bumps (aka embellishments). I have a great … Continue reading Hobby- Scrapbooking

My Favorite Sunday Watching Movies

Sunday’s are usually for relaxing in my house. I will sit on the couch and watch movies all day. Lifetime and Hallmark are channels I will fall back on if there isn’t anything else on that I enjoy. My favorite go to movies are Any John Hueghs movie (aka.. 80’s Brat Pack) Sweet Home Alabama League of Their Own Patrick Swayze Movies Most Romantic Comedies … Continue reading My Favorite Sunday Watching Movies

My Photography Background

With the affordability and access of DSLR camera’s there are so many people trying to brake into the photography business. But do you ever wonder what their photography experience is? Did they go to school, how long have they been working with a “professional” camera? Well I am going to tell you about my photography background. The beginning I’ve alway said my beginning was in … Continue reading My Photography Background