Concert Junkie

I love to go to concerts. There is just something about seeing an artist live. Feel the energy from the stage and the audience. I blame this on my parents. The took me to my first concerts when I was 10 years old. We aren’t talking a local show, where you see your uncles friend who plays in a band. No no no…. We are talking about one of the biggest and oldest shows around. Legends play there. I am talking The Grand Ole Oprey. Now this was the late 1970s I don’t remember everyone who preformed. But I do remember Roy Acuff and Minnie Perl. I am sure there were other members of the HeeHaw show. Even though I was 10 years old, I still remember the excitement.

Since then I have been to lots and lots of concerts of mostly country music, but also some rock. Beach Boys, Kenny Loggins, Oak Ridge Boys, Alabama (25 times), The Osmonds, Lee Greenwood, George Strait (4 times), Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley (2 times), Rascal Flatts (5 times) AliciaKeys. Carrie Underwood (2 times), Jason Alden (2 times), Luke Bryan, Brooks and Dunn, Chris Ledoux, Charlie Daniels Band, Sammy Hagar, Tracy Lawerance (3 times), Mark Chestnutt (3 times), Dierks Bentley, Dwight Yokum, Waylon Jennings, Allen Jackson, Boston, Billy Currington, Kidd Rock, Keith Urban, Kenny Cheney, Sammy Hagar, Little Big Town, Dustin Lynch, John Michael Montgomery. To name a few. I know there are more in there but that would be a HUGE list. Each concert has its own special memories. Here are a few that stick out.

  • Alabama 1981- first concert without adult supervision
  • Alabama 1989 – 9 months (day before due date) pregnant with my daughter, standing room only
  • George Straight 2001 – Old Texas Stadium
  • Chris Ledoux 1998 – got to meet him
  • Rascal Flatt – 2007- standing next to stage
  • Kidd Rock – best second hand high
  • Dwight Yokum -way better than I expected
  • Sammy Hagar- Because when my daughter texted my oldest son asking who he was. My son sent back a mini bio on Sammy then asked why we were at Sammy Hagar.

Are you a concert junkie like me? What was your favorite concert?

3 thoughts on “Concert Junkie

  1. Great memories of concerts! I just had a memory photo pop up when I went and saw Elton John. It was so great to hear & see him live. I also loved seeing Tina Turner. And lots of country artists too.


  2. OMG, you took pictures ! I, too, was a concert junkie in my life. It started in 1966 or ‘67, my mother worked for the SSA and was temporarily transferred there over the summer. So, my Dad drove from Texas to Cali with 2 teens to visit. While there, we went for a walk in Height Ashburry Park, there a band was playing, guitar cases open on the grass, So I ran up and ask the bearded fellow, “What is the name of your band?” He replied, Hi, I’m Jerry Garcia and this is the Grateful Dead”. Had no idea how much that moment would glow in my memories. So, hooked on concerts, here is my list ( used to have T-shirts to prove it😎)
    Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, True Confessions Tour
    Tina Turner- with the hunk on the keyboards and sax
    Cheap trick
    Def Leopard
    Robert Plant
    Elton John – Cotton Bowl Stadium
    Boston (took my 10 year old son, he fell asleep)
    Wow, what a beautiful weals down concert lane! Thank you, my friend, I miss you 😘


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