I Made It To 50 Before I Got a Tattoo!

I have always admired the artwork of a tattoo. But really never had the desire to get one myself. One of the few reality shows I watch is Inkmaster. As my 50th birthday was approaching, I thought about it and decided that’s how I wanted to celebrate this milestone. I knew I would want one that represented me not just something I picked out of a book.

As I thought about it. I knew I wanted something to do with my passion, my family, and my loves. I scrolled through Pinterest and “pinned” things I liked. I also thought about where would I put it. I wanted it somewhere that it could be covered for professionalism and I wanted to be able to look at it myself. I thought about my upper arm, or my calf. As I thought, and spent hours upon hours on Pinterest I came up with a film strip for my photography, a tree for my family, 3 apples for my kids, a paw print for the animals I love, and the states of AZ and TX the 2 places my heart is. But how to put it all together to make it work.

Now to Find a Artist

Well I then started asking people with tat’s if they would recommend someone. One of the girls at work recommended a artist and studio, but they were in Corpus Christi. But wait that is perfect. I am planning a long weekend there for my birthday. Now how to know it this person was going to be right for me. Back to Pinterest I went… I went down to Corpus the month before my birthday to visit Cari. While I was there we went to the studio to check it out and talk to the artist that was recommended. He was no longer working there but the owner asked me what I was looking for, then recommended another artist Stephen. I met with him and explained what I wanted in it and where I wanted it. I got a little nervous when he asked if a film strip came in the little can. But I felt good about Stephen and Phat Tats.

The Big Day

It’s the weekend of my birthday. Mark, Stitch and I head to Cari’s in Corpus on Friday. On Saturday we went for the appointment. The artist Stephen had texted me a picture of the drawing he came up with. But to see the drawing in person it was exciting. Yes, yes it hurt but I told myself. If you can give birth without any drugs you can do this too. There were a couple of tough to handle places but most of it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

Here it is, my cool tattoo that I got for my 50th birthday. Do you have a tattoo or do you want to get one?

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