My 5 Favorite Sayings and Quotes

We all have those sayings that we connect with. Some are funny, some are sarcastic, there are those that everyone understands, and some are even passed down from a generation before you. Those always need explanations.   Here are 5 of my favorite Sayings and Quotes One that I use all the time, that I heard growing up “building a bridge where a 2×4 will … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Sayings and Quotes

May 1st

Today really sucks big time… Let me count the ways Covid-19 still has us under house arrest, except for essential business. Essential workers are now being laid off. Yes, I fall into both of those categories. My company is considered an essential business. We have a few divisions, and each one is seeing a slowdown. The racing teams are shut down completely. The automotive dealerships … Continue reading May 1st