My Bucket List

Everyone has at least one bucket list. I have a few:

  • Photography, things, places or people I would like to photograph. There are many but these are a few.
    • Ice burgs in Alaska
    • Light houses in Maine
    • Historical sites in Boston
    • The Eagles in concert
    • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Concerts, I am a self proclaimed concert junkie. But that is another post all together. But there are some people that I have not gotten to see in person but would really like to.
    • Reba McEntire
    • The Eagles
    • Eric Church
    • Tina Turner
  • Travel, this one will go hand in hand with the photography one. There are so many places in the United States I think would be interesting to visit. There are also a few international places I would like to visit as well.
    • Ireland
    • San Francisco
    • The northeast in the fall Maine, Rhode Island, etc.
    • The “south” Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi
  • Things to do, most of these will go with one of the other lists.
    • Take a cruise
    • Have photos published
    • Own a tiny house

+Favorite thing checked off my list so far

One of the things I wanted to do was take pictures of the Smokey Mountains at sunrise. This checked items off multiple bucket lists photography, travel, things to do. In 2011 my daughter, husband (now ex), and I flew into Knoxville, TN rented a car, and drove to the smokies. I had rented a cabin on the side of a mountain for us to stay in for the week. It was beautiful and cheaper than renting a hotel room. The master bedroom of the cabin was on the top floor, with a balcony, so I was able to get some wonderful photographs without even leaving my room. We took, a driving tour of one section of the mountain learning about the history of the area, and looking at the beautiful landscape. One of the things I did not expect was how beautiful, sad and interesting the cemeteries of the are were.

What bucket lists do you have and do you have a favorite thing you have done so far?

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List


    Things I will not do before, but feel free to involve me in any of these activities once I’ve kicked that bucket. I encourage whoever involves my corpse in an activity, go all out!

    – [ ] Parachute / jump out of a plane
    – [ ] Party on a balcony with tons of people on it too
    – [ ] Go on a cruise
    – [ ] . . . Sailboat
    – [ ] . . . Roller coaster ride
    – [ ] . . . Out of the country
    – [ ] Go on any reality show
    – [ ] Go in a wave pool
    – [ ] Slide down a taller than 1 foot slide
    – [ ] Go on a tour bus, anywhere, anyplace


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