My Photography Background

With the affordability and access of DSLR camera’s there are so many people trying to brake into the photography business. But do you ever wonder what their photography experience is? Did they go to school, how long have they been working with a “professional” camera? Well I am going to tell you about my photography background.

The beginning

I’ve alway said my beginning was in 1979 when my dad bought my mom a “good” camera for christmas. However, I’ve since found pictures of me with a camera on different occasions at younger ages. So honestly I’m not sure when the passion started.

First Class

Up until senior year of high school I mostly played with the camera. My senior year I took my first class. We learned how a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera works, the settings, how to use lighting, and even develop our film and pictures. Yes that was before digital camera’s.

Unfortunately for the next 5 years I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to photography, as I had small children, although most people would say that is when I should be taking pictures. I did take pictures of events, such as Christmas, Easter, birthdays and school events. But I didn’t have the finances to get rolls and rolls of film developed.

In 1996 I started picking up the camera more often, then in 2000 I got a new camera and really started getting back into the craft. Although I still couldn’t afford to develop a lot of film. I would pick and choose my subjects. I was still very self conscience about my photography.

New Century Revived Passion

For New Years Eve 1999 We took the kids to Disneyland. Although we had lots of fun, it rained. Rained so much Disney canceled the fireworks, and half the parade. We were back at the hotel and in bed by 10:30. We got up New Years morning to get ready to drive back to Phoenix. We decided to drive the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) from Anaheim to San Diego. We stopped at several beaches along the way the kids had a great time. I took pictures of the scenery, animals, and the kids. When I got the film back and saw the great shots I got of the beaches I got excited about photography again.

Later that year I got a new Minolta camera with a couple of lens’s. I started shooting anything whether it moved or not. Getting better and better.

Finally digital

In 2011 I got a Canon 60D which I am still using, I have close to 200GB of just digital photos on my cloud drive. There is no stopping me at this point. I continued to practice, taking any and every class I could afford. I took classes through AZ Highways Magazine, the community center, and the community collage. I even worked a year with Lifetouch School Studios for the experience. In 2008 I got my first DSLR a Sony A200, there was no stopping me after that. Especially when it came to those zoo animals.

What is your passion?

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