Vacation during quarantine

I have been planning this vacation for 6-8 months. Since before all of the pandemic stuff happened. I decided not to cancel it right away, to wait and see how everything was going.

My vacation is not an international one, it is just 1500 miles away back to Texas. Everything was paid for when my income tax return came in back in February. I bought plane tickets in when they were on sale. I also reserved a condo on the water in Corpus Christi to spend my birthday with my self appointed family. So why would I cancel it if I did not have to?

Everyone that knows that I was still going started freaking out when I said I was still going. “What about Covid-19” they would ask. Or “aren’t you afraid to travel with the coronavirus” Before everyone try’s to shame me. I have taken every precaution they have suggested. I have masks, 18 washable ones to be exact so that I don’t have to worry about wearing the same ones over and over again. I have gloves, hand sanitizer and even Lysol wipes in my backpack. I am not planning to be in large crowds. Most of the Memorial Day weekend will be spent in the condo on the water with a deck that we can sit on and drink, listen to the waves, and have a good time.

Until May 4th I was still working. I even helped remodel the kitchen. For the last 3 weeks, I have been spending 24/7 with my mom. Helping her with whatever she needed. So I need a break. Plus my birthday is today and falling on Memorial Day weekend, so I deserve a relaxing weekend.

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