May 1st

Today really sucks big time… Let me count the ways

Covid-19 still has us under house arrest, except for essential business.

Essential workers are now being laid off. Yes, I fall into both of those categories. My company is considered an essential business. We have a few divisions, and each one is seeing a slowdown. The racing teams are shut down completely. The automotive dealerships have slowed way down because no one can afford to spend money. My division the truck maintenance, leasing, and rental side has slowed down due to our customers aren’t able to make their deliveries and consumers aren’t renting trucks. Therefore, the lower peeps (aka admins, fuelers, etc.) are being laid off. YAY Me!

I am flying to Tampa tonight on a red eye, then spend the day in the airport, and then fly back tomorrow. All to bring my incredibly homesick mom home.

My kids and I have been working almost nonstop for the last 2 weeks to remodel the kitchen for my mom. We could’ve used another week to get everything just the way we wanted it. Nevertheless, we were able to get the big things done and I guess we will have to finish while she is here.

May 1st is also the anniversary of my dad’s death. Which really sucks, because of this stupid virus I can’t see three quarters of my support system. And those that I can see are feeling the sadness as bad as I am.

I know it will get better, and I will get through this. But today just let me be sad, mad, and just plain pissed off…..

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