Here We Go

For the record, this is not a New Year’s resolution.  This is a need to change my lifestyle and how food fits into it.  The timing of this need just falls in line with the beginning of a new year, so this is a perfect time to start.  

Step one, I go to the surgeon tomorrow for my follow up after having my gallbladder removed. Once she gives the all clear I will be able to; go back to work and back to a new lifestyle.  I have a feeling, because I am still having pains in the areas of my incisions that it will be a week or two of light duty at work.

Step two, I spent today cutting up veggies and putting them into snack size baggies. This will make it easier for me to grab them and toss them into my lunch bag for work.  I have been researching food lifestyles that fit in with the foods I shouldn’t eat with my NFALD and the now missing gallbladder.  The one that is most often recommended is The Mediterranean Diet.  There are a few versions of this, but the one I am choosing is The Authentic Mediterranean Diet.   I came across the website Olive Tomato created and written by Elena Paravantes, RDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Mediterranean Diet Expert.  I will get further into this in future post.  For now check it out, it makes so much sense, it is much like our grandparents ate when they were young.

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